Audio Engineering Group is comprised of a group of dedicated professionals with over a century of experience in architectural acoustics and the proper design of professional audio video systems. Our staff has contributed to thousands of projects throughout the United States, and abroad.

As technologies have advanced over the past decades, so has our staff with sub specialties divided up amongst professionals covering areas of specific focus. Whether that be digital mixing consoles in a church environment, or multi-zoned paging in a convention complex, AEG has trained professionals suitable for the task. We feel this concept benefits our clients having the ability to draw on the experience of many with a varying degree of expertise across the wide gamut of technologies.

The technologies implemented by AEG during the design phase utilize a variety of test and measurement platforms as well as computer aided simulation. Concepts are detailed utilizing CAD technologies to communicate designs in a clear and concise manner.

Knowledgeable in construction techniques and best practices, Audio Engineering Group has the ability to interface well with both design professionals and construction trades to offer clear, concise communication throughout a project.

The collective knowledge of our team of professionals produce a high level of attention and interaction with our clients, and our ability to aid the decision making process based on scientific fact are the keys to a successful outcome.


At Audio Engineering Group it is our goal to exceed our client’s expectations through our employment of both staff experience and utilizing the proper design tools employed throughout every step of your project’s process. We provide honest and accurate assessments of current technologies, while keeping abreast of emerging ones, in order to provide critical information to our clients.

Our design philosophy is based on five overriding principals when it comes to the design of critical acoustic spaces and the technologies employed. They are:

  1. The design presented must provide good value while meeting all of the clients functionality and performance needs.
  2. The Audio Video technologies must be mature and robust enough to ensure longevity, while being flexible enough to allow for future integration.
  3. The acoustic environment must be conducive to the type of functional use while working in conjunction with the technology chosen.
  4. The implementation must be correctly executed and fit aesthetically within the facility.
  5. The operation must be sophisticated enough to allow changing needs to be met over time but also meet the expertise level of those operating it.

Audio Engineering Group is passionate about great sounding acoustic environments and the A/V technology which improves communication in today’s facilities!

Markets Served

Founded to provide a better way for architects, professional engineers, and owners to achieve their performance objectives regarding architectural acoustics and proper audio visual solutions, we enjoy working with clients on a variety of projects including;

  • Church Facilities
  • Classroom’s
  • Conference Rooms
  • Lecture Halls
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Athletic Venues
  • Courtrooms
  • Transportation Facilities
  • Medical Technology Centers
  • Command and Control
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Distance Learning
  • Governmental Facilities
  • Outdoor Performance Facilities
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Hospitality and Entertainment

Working With Us

Audio Engineering Group has a responsibility only to our client to ensure available information is deciphered and processed which can affect the acoustical/ technological outcome of a space. We often aid in selecting the types of finish materials conducive to good sound propagation as well as the interaction between the room’s acoustical signature and the technology integrated within the space.

Our process of reviewing both existing and newly proposed structures for issues which can affect performance is very detailed and ranges from construction methods to electrical infrastructure requirements.

Many believe that A/V equipment selection is the only important decision when it comes to properly integrated technologies; nothing could be further from the truth. Our experience documents that the integration of technology, its proper placement, and the acoustical environment also have much to do with a successful project.

Working with AEG is a very pleasant and enlightening experience, whether this is your first construction project or your twentieth integration of A/V technology. We provide technical solutions to very complex problems. We submit information to clients in a simplified manner which allows good decision making regarding the outcome of the project.

Many feel (with limited building and technology budgets) they may not be able to afford an acoustic consultant nor A/V design specialist, however we have demonstrated time and time again that our unique approach can, and often times does, save our clients money.

Audio Engineering Group enjoys working solely on our clients behalf with no motivation but to make their project achieve the best sound and visual experience possible. We also enjoy working to educate our customers along the way, so the decisions ultimately made are the correct ones. The technology along with the experience we use to accomplish these results is second to none!

Audio Engineering Group has access to the best integrators throughout each market and geographic region to help ensure your project is successful. Our staff can a can assist you with your project from planning through installation.