For many years, our staff has worked closely with hundreds of churches in the development of audio/video systems that enhance their message.

Through our continued work with houses of worship, we have developed an individualized approach to each job that ensures our staff respects the specific needs of each congregation. Whether a congregation needs improvement in an existing sound reinforcement system or the design and implementation of a new technology plan, our staff will develop solutions to accommodate the specific goals of each church.

In remodeling or construction projects, our staff is committed to working closely with our clients to ensure that their facility will be acoustically pleasing. Proper acoustics, after all, will contribute to the success or failure of a sound reinforcement system's performance.

Utilizing advanced computer-aided modeling, we can identify potential acoustical problems in a building’s “design phase” well before construction begins. This information can assist architects, builders, and owners in preventing costly post-construction fixes by “doing it right the first time.”

Audio Engineering Group has access to the best integrators throughout each market and geographic region to help ensure your project is successful. Our staff can a can assist you with your project from planning through installation.

We as a staff take great pride in the relationships formed among the hundreds of church communities we serve. Contact Us