Audio Engineering Group provides acoustical consulting, audio/video systems to clients throughout the United States.

Providing acoustical consulting and A/V systems design services requires expertise in a number of disciplines. Since each client and each project is unique, requiring its own unique approach, our staff remains highly involved with a vast number of techniques and technologies in a number of these services.

Services Include:

• Acoustical Studies
• Architectural Acoustic Modeling
• Sound Reinforcement Design
• A/V System Design
• Project Document Preparation
• Project Management and Oversight
• Audio System Calibration
• Project Commissioning/Checkout
• Third Party Proposal Review
• Component Programming Services
• Infrastructure Design
• Cost Estimation
• Client Education and Operator Training
• Control System Design
• DSP Programming Services
• Unified Collaboration Environments
• Streaming Media Solutions

Benefiting from these services are clients from a diverse mixture of professions and backgrounds, all who consider improved audio and visual communications impor- tant in their daily lives. These clients represent such institutions as houses of worship, corporate and manufacturing companies, K12 schools and institutes of higher learning, judicial branches, civic centers, theaters, and various sports facilities.

Audio Engineering Group has access to the best integrators throughout each market and geographic region to help ensure your project is successful. Our staff can a can assist you with your project from planning through installation.

Providing successful solutions to complex problems, contact us